Monday, April 15, 2013

Day 2- Four way to win my heart.

Just give me a reason just show me those four way and my heart will completely yours. *parody lagu*

since i had already being cheated and played. so,  dont really trust love now. but. i trust 

cinta pandang pertama.
whatever. haha. ok here we goes.
four secrets how to win my heart.

  1. Someone that can speak english fluently can easily make me overwhelmed. eventhough my english were not so well.
  2. Buy me things that i like. 
  3. A good listener. Always will be there for me. Someone that i can hold on to.
  4. Someone that can sing. 
  5.  Five pula.. someone yang boleh baca al-quran. Who can guide me how to live in Islam way.

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